These are words that are used to replace a noun.(ये वे शब्द हैं जिनका प्रयोग संज्ञा के स्थान पर किया जाता है)  While personal pronouns are most commonly used, words like “itself”, “Anything”. “Everything”, “Whom”,”Who” , “that”, “this” etc. If you want to identify what is the pronoun in a sentence you can replace it with a noun and see if the sentence makes sense. 

For example: 1. He is doing good. -> Rakesh is doing good.

You will need to memorize the personal pronouns and their types for your future lessons.

Pronoun Subjective Objective 
First-personI,WeMe, Us
Third-personThey, it, he, sheThem, it, him, her

Subjective pronouns are used when they are acting as a sentence;s subject and Objective pronouns are used when they act as the object

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