In English the term “Voice” refers to the manner in which a sentence can be structured. There are two voices: a) Active and b)Passive. (अंग्रेजी में “वॉयस” शब्द का तात्पर्य उस तरीके से है जिसमें एक वाक्य को संरचित किया जा सकता है। दो आवाजें हैं: ए) सक्रिय और बी) निष्क्रिय।)

They can be shown in the following manner: 

AspectActive VoicePassive Voice
Definition The subject performs the verb affecting the object. The object receives the action. The subject receives the action of the verb, the focus is on the object.
StructureSubject + Verb + ObjectObject + “To be” verb + Past Participle + Agent(Subject)
EmphasisThe doer of the action (subject) is emphasized.The receiver of the action (the object) or the action itself is emphasized.
Clarity and DirectnessGenerally more direct and concise. Most commonly used type of sentence May be perceived as more formal or indirect. They are not used as much. 
Examples“He was driving the car.”“The car was being driven by him.”
Agent (Doer)Clearly stated in the sentence. For example “He” in the above example.Mentioned after “by” in the sentence, and may not be included sometimes.  “By him” in the above example. 

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